Equality Health

Transformation happens in steps — and we must create measurements for accountability in order for change to happen. With that, The Female Quotient uses four key vitals to help companies to measure their current equality status, identify specific areas for improvement, and create customized plans to make their workplaces more inclusive, safe, and fair.


Creating an organization where diversity can thrive requires a dedicated effort — one that ensures that everyone has an equal opportunity, based purely on skills and performance, to succeed. Companies must be transparent about inequities such as the wage gap; adjust strategies for hiring and retaining female talent; and be dedicated to their principles, with both internal employees and external partnerships.


To give each individual an equal opportunity for success, companies must create clear pathways for advancement within the organization. Access to mentors and sponsors is an essential component of this, as are educational initiatives that empower employees to take on greater responsibility.


To successfully foster a culture of care, we must first look to leadership. It falls upon leaders to define, communicate, and model the inclusive values of the organization — both within and outside the company’s four walls. This requires a commitment to personal skills development, setting goals around diversity and equality initiatives, and holding everyone in the organization accountable.


A truly inclusive workplace requires a cultural shift that allows employees to feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work. Companies must first put policies into place that promote this culture, and then create an organizational structure that can support them. Comprehensive training sessions both make expectations clear and ensure compliance for every individual within the business.