Modern Guide
to Equality

A company alone has power; collectively, we have impact. The Modern Guide to Equality gives you the tools you need to create a more equal company and, ultimately, make workplace equality a reality worldwide.

Equality Health

Equality fit (adj): The state of being a truly equal workplace.

This doesn’t happen overnight. First, companies must evaluate their equality health, diagnose areas that need improvement, and create a customized plan for improvement. The Female Quotient uses four key vitals to assess a company’s equality health: Parity, Leadership, Advancement, and Culture.


Parity remains one of the biggest drivers of equality health. By prioritizing equal compensation for men and women; focusing on diverse representation, both internally and externally; and promoting inclusive hiring practices, companies can make a diverse workplace a reality.


Companies that invest in the growth of their employees ensure that each individual has the tools they need to be successful. This begins by charting clear pathways for advancement, creating sponsoship and mentorship opportunities, and fostering education initiatives.


If inclusion initiatives are to actually take hold in the workplace, leadership must take charge. From embracing a conscious mindset to clearly communicating diversity goals and ensuring accountability, it is up to leaders to set an example that the rest of the company can follow.


To successfully attract and foster diverse talent, companies must first create a culture of care. This is accomplished through policies that promote equality, training that gets everyone on board, and an organizational structure that truly supports all employees.

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